Hironic New Doublo MFU + RF Laser System


  • 12.1″ Wide LCD
  • 1.0 ~ 5.0mm spacing
  • Length: 5.0mm ~ 25mm [1.0 step]
  • Power: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Unit Dimensions (WxDxH): 400 x 425 x 460mm
  • Main Body: 18kg | Cart: 25kg
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Hironic New Doublo MFU + RF

‘NEW DOUBLO’ is an equipment with a new concept that combines both MFU and RF(Radio Frequency) technology in order to include all of the functionalities to create a V-line shaped face.

New Doublo MFU is an innovative face & body sculpting device, combining over a decade’s expertise in HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) with MFU (micro-focused ultrasound) and RF (radio frequency) to give your clients the best.

Safer than ever, the new Doublo features a world-first, patented synergy dotting system. This doubles the lifting effect by combining RF and MFU, with a fail safe to prevent overlapping shots on the same spot.

Other technological advancements focus on increasing clinic profits, including:

  • nearly double the shots per cartridge (lower shot cost)
  • higher treatment prices based on synergy of MFU and RF
  • 25% faster treatment times

Synery effect

Synery of MFU and RF

World first “MFU + RF”, SD [Synergy Dotting] Hand piece

– Maximize the clinical result, minimize the treatment pain and swelling

– Double lifting effect with SD overlapping treatment after linear dotting procedure

Various cartridge up to 10 types

Customized treatment depending on the skin type, treatment area and depth of dermis to suvcytaneous fat laye

– FL (Focused Ultrasound Linear) 6 types: Face 4 types, Body 2 types

– SD (Synergy Dotting) 4 types: Face 3 types, Body 1 type


1. Sub LCD applied hand piece

– Intutitive sub LCD supporting convenient energy setting

– Hand piece and foot switch 2 ways shooting methods

– Quiet and light treatment procedure with reduced weight hand piece

2. Quattro hand pieces

– Fast treatment with 4 simultaneously operative hand pieces could be used without cartridge exchange

– 4 customized option selectable hand pieces

3. Treatment Information System (TIS)

– The recorded parameters allow customized treatment

Faster Treatments

Deliver up to 300 shots in just 5 minutes, 25% faster than the previous model

Patented Safety

Requires proper contact with the skin to emit energy and prevents overlapping shots.

Lower Costs

Deliver up to 22,000 lines per cartridge with competitively priced consumables.


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Hironic New Doublo MFU + RF Laser SystemHironic New Doublo MFU + RF Laser System
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