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3Shape D710 Scanner series can scan gypsum and impression versions. The series scanners can integrate into the clinic with minimum staff training. The scanners provide greater practice productivity, a comprehensive list of signals, and the most extensive 3D scans.

Where flexibility and productivity are the key standards 3Shape chain scanners are for medium to large labs.

Just one device can be scanned by the apparatus in under 30 seconds and a whole model in about a minute with a degree of accuracy of 20 microns.

-3-axis motion system
-Red-laser Tech
-Gypsum Version scanning
-Impression scanning Alternative
-Multi-die scanning

-Easy operation, extreme Precision, and Rapid Scan
-Enables impressions, deep inlays, and Complete undercuts to scan Efficiently
-Supply labs Using ultra-efficient batches and multi-case processing

3Shape – leading impression scanning technologies
3Shape’s patented adaptive scanning technology, combined with the scanner’s 3-axis motion and 2 cameras with reduced angle, facilitate the unique impression scanning capability.

Adaptive scanning intelligently detects incomplete areas and automatically builds
adaptive scan sequences for capturing full object geometry.

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3shape D710 Dental Scanner 13Shape D710 Scanner
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