Zolar Photon Plus Soft Tissue Diode


1 x Photon Plus Laser 10 Watt
1 x Transportation box
1 x Bleaching handpiece
3 x Protective laser goggles
1 x Wireless foot pedal
1 x Power adaptor
1 x RCA connector
1 x Owner’s manual
1 x Setup DVD

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Zolar Photon Plus Soft Tissue Diode

Zolar Photon Plus 10 Watt Soft Tissue Diode Laser are ideal for processes involving cutting, contouring soft tissue, creating precision cuts in gingiva and soft tissue processes while also eliminating bleeding at the website and reducing the recovery time for the patient. Zola tissue diode lasers are ideal for sterilizing canals troughing throughout trainings, treating disease and tooth whitening. Zolar diode lasers are mobile and easy to use with easy controllers.

Regardless of pristine hygiene, discoloration can impact many. Patients are searching for large results to whiten their teeth, easily and painlessly.

Your patients will probably walk out of your operation with that laser white smile they are looking for.

The PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt immaculate laser with 980nm diode versatility and total reliability has tutorials along with the best multi-lingual interface.

The LCD touch screen for ease of navigation and a menu comprising several programs which are both customizable and pre-set makes the new Photon Plus diode laser unparalleled. It is ideal for whitening or bleaching without any menace of cross infection.


  • PHOTON PLUS 10 Watt dental diode laser is designed keeping the customers in mind, so these lasers are extremely gentle and comfortable
  • Small size makes it easy for you to carry and transport
  • Offers 21 adjustable/customizable programs along with 4 custom programs
  • To ensure the security of your settings the device has digital password protection
  • Large LCD display for enhanced analytics – perfect for minor and major surgeries with a super long lasting battery that is easy to recharge
  • Disposable tips make the dental diode lasers extremely safe
  • Used for excision of lesion or removal of Granulation Tissue, fibroma removal, hemostasis and coagulation and much more!



  • Wavelength : 980nm
  • Weight : < 2 kgs
  • Dimensions : 205×130×50 mm

The Photon Plus 10 Watt – Next-gen dental diode laser with 980 nm diode.

    • Versatility and complete portability
    • Unique features like over 20 presets
    • Built in tutorials and teeth whitening system.
    • Multilingual Interface and Portable Power Module
    • High Level Security Features -Password Protected
    • Gentle and Comfortable – Patient experiences minimal pain
    • Touch Interface and Wireless Foot Pedal
    • Diverse Applications – Excision to incision, coagulation & more.

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Zolar Photon Plus 10 Watt Soft Tissue Diode Laser + WhiteningZolar Photon Plus Soft Tissue Diode
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