UltraLUX PRO Machine


The Ultralux V4 Pro has all the benefits of an IPL, with the inclusion of fat cavitation, bipolar radio frequency skin tightening, a Nd:YAG Q switched laser and more.

Boasting an incredible 9 different treatment modalities, its easily the most versatile system in the market at an affordable price which delivers consistent results in all of its indications.

Created by The Global Beauty Group, there is a good reason why there are more Ultralux V4 systems across Australia in operation than any other IPL system.

The treatments provided by this system are:

IPL – Hair Removal, Acne, Pigmentation, Vascular, Skin Rejuvenation​

Bipolar RF – Skin tightening​

40Khz Ultrasound – Fat Cavitation

Nd:YAG – Tattoo Removal, Carbon Facial​

1Mhz Ultrasound – Product Infusion

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UltraLUX PRO Machine

420nm Acne management

530nm Pigmentation and Vascular

560nm Pigmentation and Vascular

590nm Skin Rejuvenation

640nm Permanent Hair Removal

690nm Permanent Hair Removal

750nm Permanent Hair Removal

Pulse energy: 10-50J/cm2

Pulse sequence: 1-5 pulses

Pulse duration: 2-20ms

Number of handpieces: 3

Spot sizes: 8×40 IPL, 15×35 IPL, 15×50 IPL, 12×30 Dual-Mode, 12×40 Dual-Mode, 12×45 Dual-Mode x Bipolar RF hand piece with 15mm and 32mm treatment tips

Ultrasound Cavitation Hand pieces: 1 X 40KHz, 3 x 1MHz

Continuous working time: 12+ hours

Delay between pulses: 5-60ms

Power: 2,000 watts

Operating Interface: Large colour touch screen

Dual-Mode (RF + IPL): Yes (optional)

Adjustable cooling head: Yes Integrated skin cooling: From -7 to 0 degrees Cooling system: Water cooling, forced-air cooling, semi-conductor cooling

Discharge rate: 1 second Flash lamp: Xenon lamp 300,000 maximum, 150,000 guaranteed

Number of filters: 7

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UltraLUX PROUltraLUX PRO Machine
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