Sirona XIOS XG Select Sensor USB


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Sirona XIOS XG Select Sensor USB


* High return on investment
* Great image quality
* WiFi option for wireless image transfer
* Easy-to-change cable
* Three sensor sizes

This workflow pays off.

The modular construction of the XIOS XG Select allows it to be tailored to the needs of the dentist. He can choose between the proven image transfer via a USB module or the wireless version with WiFi technology. Both solutions guarantee an unequaled workflow. That saves time and money.

Comfort for patients and staff

The selection of three sensor sizes and their anatomically rounded form provide a high level of comfort to your patients. The proven XIOS sensor holding system and the bright white color of the sensors, which is especially easy to see in the oral cavity, allow for reliable and easy positioning.

Optional WiFi module for wireless image transfer

* The handy wireless WiFi module allows you to use a sensor in multiple treatment rooms
* 360° freedom of treatment
* Transmit images in just seconds
* Change sensor size quickly
* Newest RFID technology for reliable data mapping

Permanent high image quality

In contrast to storage plates, the XIOS XG Select digital sensor gives you permanent high image quality without any damage from scratches and ensures a fast and reliable diagnosis at a low dose.

* CMOS-APS (Active Pixel Sensor) technology
* Pixel size: 15 µm

External dimensions of the three sensor sizes

* Size 0:     23.5 x 32 x 6,7 mm
* Size 1:     25,3 x 38,4 x 6,7 mm
* Size 2:     31,2 x 43,9 x 6,7 mm

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Sirona XIOS XG Select Sensor USBSirona XIOS XG Select Sensor USB
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