Planmeca PlanMill 50 S Milling Unit


The 5-axis Planmeca PlanMill 50 S unit is a powerful choice for wet and dry milling discs and blocks. Equipped with a high-speed spindle and automatic changer for 12 tools.

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Planmeca PlanMill 50 S Milling Unit

The 5-axis Planmeca PlanMill 50 S milling unit is a powerful choice for wet and dry milling discs and blocks. Equipped with a high-speed spindle and automatic changer for 12 tools, the powerful milling unit has been designed specifically for dental labs.

Versatile dental milling
Planmeca PlanMill 50 S can be used to mill discs, blocks and prefabricated titanium or cobalt chrome abutments. The milling unit is capable of both wet and dry milling of indications – such as various dental restorations, bite splints and dental models.

Bold, flexible and powerful

Dentists can make a bold move by investing in a full CAD/CAM system and offering same-day dentistry with no more messy impressions, frustrating temporaries or weeklong waits for restorations. Patients will appreciate the convenience and clinicians will enjoy the ability to do more in-house. Additionally, clinicians can benefit from having a more efficient digital workflow and greater production with the Planmeca PlanMill 50 S milling unit and the Planmeca PlanCAD Premium software.

The Planmeca PlanMill 50 S unit offers wet and dry milling and the ability to mill pucks and blocks using a broad range of materials, including lithium disilicate, glass ceramics, zirconia, PMMA and wax. The 5-axis milling unit provides highly accurate and aesthetic restorations. In addition, it’s equipped with a high-speed spindle and an automatic changer for 12 tools.

Planmeca PlanCAD Premium is a powerful, open-platform software capable of creating a wide range of dental applications, including crowns and bridge designs, wax-ups, removable partials and complete dentures. Clinicians can import, export and edit various file formats without any restrictions or complicated workarounds. Its versatility allows users to provide a broad array of services to their patients. The software is adaptable and modular, allowing clinicians to add more advanced tools and capabilities as their practice grows.

Open imports
Restorations designed with the Planmeca PlanCAD Premium software can be directly launched to Planmeca PlanCAM – the Planmeca PlanMill 50 S unit’s software that is easy to use and supports all open STL files.

 5-axis milling unit for dental applications
 Discs and blocks, milling and grinding
 Wet and dry processing
 12 tool automatic changer (measurement and tool check
after each processing step)
 Integrated PC with touchscreen
 Easy to use control software
 Indication support for bite splints, hybrid abutments and 3D models
 Yearly maintenance and calibration check-up by technician
 User maintenance (tools, cleaning, spindle, coolant tank)

Dimensions when closed (W x H x D) 566 x 612 x 665 mm (22.3 x 24.1 x 26.2 in.)
Weight 95 kg (209.4 lbs)
Cover Swivel hood with safety interlocking
Consumption of compressed air Approx. 60 l/min (min. 6,5 bar)
Spindle 60 000 rpm
Tool Changer 12 tool positions, automated
CAM software Automated toolpath calculation with Planmeca PlanCAM™ software


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Planmeca PlanMill 50 S Milling UnitPlanmeca PlanMill 50 S Milling Unit
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