Osstell Beacon Implant Stability Measurement


Includes :

1 Beacon Instrument

1 SmartPeg Mount

1 Osstell Key

1 TestPeg

1 Charging Cable

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Osstell Beacon Implant Stability Measurement


  1. Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA): At its core, the Osstell Beacon utilizes RFA to measure the stability. This non-invasive method gauges the stability by determining the resonance frequency of the implant-patient-specific transducer system.
  2. Objective ISQ Scale: The device provides measurements on the Implant Stability Quotient (ISQ) scale, ranging from 1 to 100. A higher ISQ value typically indicates greater stability. This scale offers clinicians a consistent metric for comparing and tracking implant stability.
  3. Compact & User-Friendly Design: The Osstell Beacon is designed for ease of use and portability. With a sleek, handheld design and intuitive interface, clinicians can seamlessly integrate it into their practice.
  4. Wireless Connectivity: Modern device versions often include wireless functionalities, allowing for efficient data storage, retrieval, and analysis.
  5. Color-Coded Indications: The device typically provides feedback through a color-coded system, visually representing the implant’s stability status, aiding in instant decision-making.

Why Choose the Osstell Beacon?

  • Quickly evaluate implant stability and monitor osseointegration
  • Significantly reduce treatment times
  • Benefit from greater predictability when treating patients with risk factors
  • Extract and share data and analyze results using the Osstell Connect portal.


  • Power source: Lithium-ion battery 3.7 V, 0.8 Ah
  • Charging with supplied USB cable to a type A outlet
  • Instrument size: 210mm x 35mm x 25mm
  • Package size: 273mm x 138mm x 75mm
  • Instrument weight: 0.07kg
  • Gross weight: 0.75kg

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Osstell Beacon Implant Stability MeasurementOsstell Beacon Implant Stability Measurement
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