icam4D Photogrammetry Scanner


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icam4D Photogrammetry Scanner

The iCam4D is a hand held “camera unit” consisting of four cameras and one projector. lt combines photogrammetric and structured Light scanning techniques to capture 3D data. lt uses the ICamBodies, high precision mechanical parts with a unique proprietary target arrangement, to determine the position and orientation of implants. The position and orientation computed for one implant is called an “ICamPosition”. The ICamBodies are replaced by Imetric at regular intervals to assure that they always meet the necessary precision requirements.

Another component of the iCam4D technology are the ICamRefs. These are similar to healing abutments and in fact it is possible to use healing abutments instead of the ICamRefs. The smaller size of the ICamRefs makes it much simpler to take an impression of the gingiva or to scan the ICamRefs and gingiva with an intra-oral scanner. The software of the iCam4D then allows the user to transform the ICamPositions into the coordinate system of the gingiva using the ICamRefs. This is done with a few simple clicks.

Key aspects in the development of the iCam4D system were:

To make the ICamBodies very small, easy to handle, and easy to disinfect.
To make the measurements completely independent of the operator.
To make both the ICamBodies and the measurement as precise as technically necessary to assure a perfect fit.
To make the capture of the gingiva as simple as possible.

Package Includes:
Transportation case
ICam4D Camera
ICamBodies set of 8
IcamRefs Set of 8
Calibration Plate
Calibration plate support
Cable bundle (Power & USB 3 Type A/B, 3m)
Power supply
Power Cable

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icam4D Photogrammetry Scannericam4D Photogrammetry Scanner
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