Deka Mona Lisa SmartXide 2 Vaginal CO2 Laser


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2015 Deka Mona Lisa SmartXide 2 Vaginal CO2 Laser that Also Includes Fractional DOT Facial Skin Scanner Recently inspected with fully charged CO2 Tube; Manufactured 09/2015, Serial #: UM5B3710H; Good Cosmetic and Operating Condition, Single Owner; Includes: HI DOT Scanner Handpiece, Solid Internal 90 Degree Probe, 3 Vaginal Rings, External Vulvar Probe, Case, Articulating Arm, Footswithc, Key, Remote Interlock, Power Cord, 3 Pair Operator Eyewear, 2 Clinical Reference Guides, Buffalo Smoke Evacuator, and 90 Day Warranty.

SmartXide2, with V2LR configuration, offers the latest breakthrough laser treatment for vulvo-vaginal problems (MonaLisa Touch) and cosmetic/ functional female genital surgery. These safe and minimally invasive procedures present a new alternative to: pharmacological therapy for post-menopause or postpartum atrophy of genital mucosa; surgical treatment of vaginal laxity; pharmacological analgesic therapy for dyspareunia due to postpartum perineal trauma; annoying or invasive treatments for urinary incontinence;
traditional plastic surgery for correction of vulvo-vaginal morphological alterations due to hereditary factors, pregnancy or natural ageing.

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SN : HA5B3811F

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Deka Mona Lisa SmartXide 2 Vaginal CO2 LaserDeka Mona Lisa SmartXide 2 Vaginal CO2 Laser
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