Cynosure Elite+ Laser


2016 Cynosure Elite+ Laser

Nd:YAG technology with 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths quickly and effectively treats all skin types for laser hair removal, pigmentation, and vascular lesions.
With Elite+, you have the flexibility to customise treatments to encompass all skin types. Variable spot sizes and pulse durations make Elite+ the natural choice to accommodate a range of specific skincare conditions.
Deliver exceptional results across all skin types
Easily switch between wavelengths for different treatments within a single session
Air-cooling throughout treatments enhance patient comfort and satisfaction
Longer pulse durations of up to 300ms precisely match the energy delivered in concert with thermal relaxation time

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System Type: Alexandrite, Wavelength: 755 nm

System Type: Nd: YAG, Wavelength: 1064nm

Spot Sizes:
18mm Alexandrite: 20 J/cm2, Nd: YAG 24 J/cm2
15mm Alexandrite: 30 J/cm2, Nd: YAG 35 J/cm2
12mm Alexandrite: 45 J/cm2, Nd: YAG 50 J/cm2
10mm Alexandrite: 50 J/cm2, Nd: YAG 80 J/cm2
7mm Alexandrite: 60 J/cm2, Nd: YAG 160 J/cm2
5mm Alexandrite: 50 J/cm2, Nd: YAG 240 J/cm2
3mm Nd: YAG300 J/cm2

Maximum Rep Rate: Alexandrite:3Hz 5Hz

Aiming Beam: Red

Pulse Control: Finger switch, Foot-switch

Cooling: Cold Air

Dimensions: 64 x 38 x 104 cm (D x W x H)

Weight: 132 kg

Electrical: 200/220 VAC/30A

SN : ELM+0993

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Cynosure Elite+ LaserCynosure Elite+ Laser
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