Canon MD-500 Dental Milling Machine


The MD-500 dental milling machine was developed for dentistry utilizing our technology and experience cultivated in “Compact 3D machining center” for metalworking. A 5-axis servo motor control system enables high-speed/high-precision and high-quality machining of prostheses

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Canon MD-500 Dental Milling Machine


High-precision Milling:
Milling of thin margin lines now possible. This dramatically reduces the work time required for hand finishing by a dental technician.
High Rigidity:
Having the X, Y, and Z axes on a single frame base achieves high rigidity. A combination of spindle with fixed holder that minimizes fluctuation in the drill tip, linear guides, and ball screws enables precision positioning and stable milling.
Calibration Not Required:
High-precision linear guides and ball screws for the X, Y, and Z axes and high-precision decelerators for the A and B axes are adopted to reduce displacement and eliminate the need for operator calibration.
90 Degree Milling C-Shaped Clamp:
This C-shaped clamp is disk flame holder having an operating. From operating, the milling tool can directly process the interproximal area of frontal teeth, which improves more aesthetic appearance.
Holder Chuck System For High Gripping Force:
Milling tool is secured by holding it with a chuck nut for high gripping force. This reduces fluctuation due to rotation to enable high-precision milling.
ATC (Auto Tool Changer):
An ATC function for automatically changing 10 milling tools enables smooth tool changing according to the required milling.
Stylish Design:
A large LED indicator and transparent window enable easy confirmation. Clean white-and-silver coloring and a simple form contribute to the atmosphere of an immaculate dental office.


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Canon MD-500 Dental Milling MachineCanon MD-500 Dental Milling Machine
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