BTL Exilis Ultra Radio


Includes: Face Handpiece, Body Handpiece, (28) Grounding Pads, Operator/Clinical Guide Manual, Phone Consultation Guide, Brochures, 90 Day Warranty and Free Shipping within the Continental USA.(km/set-ve9)

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2017 BTL Exilis Ultra Radio Frequency & Ultrasound – Wrinkle & Skin Tightening

Exilis Ultra Face & Body Applicators Consumables Required:

Consumables Required: Grounding Pads (Disposable Split Adult Return Electrode) & Grounding Pad Cables.

Does the consumable have to be purchased exclusively through BTL? No

Approximate Consumable Price List:

Grounding Cable for Exilis Ultra Face & Body Applicator: $40

Grounding Pads (25 pcs/box) $150

Ultra Femme 360 Consumables Required:

V-tip (5 pcs/box) $250

V-tip 30 mm (5 pcs/box) $750

V-tip 24 mm (5 pcs/box) $750

F-tip (1 pc) $250

Do the Ultra Femme 360 consumable tips have to be purchased exclusively through BTL? Yes

Does BTL Aesthetics charge a Recertification Fee in order to purchase Ultra Femme consumables? Yes

Recertification Fee: $30,000


Energy Type: Ultrasound & Radio Frequency

Ultrasound Type: Thermal, Continuous, Linear, Non-Focused

Pulse Frequency: 75 Hz

Frequency: Monopolar, 2 – 3 MHz

Output Power: Body Handpiece – Up to 120W; Face Handpiece – Up to 90W


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2017 BTL Exilis Ultra RadioBTL Exilis Ultra Radio
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