Alma Beauty Rejuve Machine


2019 Alma Beauty Rejuve

Based on the new Dye-PL technology, it is as effective as laser treatments, combined with the safety, versatility and low-cost of pulsed light.

Dye-PL is a high-end, professional-grade skin rejuvenation technology. It is one of the most efficient methods used to achieve uniform skin tone and texture, with fewer treatments and faster results.

The unique combination of Alma’s exclusive Dye-PL and AFT technologies targets all layers of hyperpigmentation, including dark skin, as well as all types of pigmented and vascular lesions.

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Alma Beauty Rejuve Machine

Light Source: AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology)

Speed AFT -Wavelength 700-950 nm-Spot size 6.4 cm²

DYE-VL-For Light Skin-Wavelength 500-600 nm-Spot size 3 cm²

DYE-SR-For Dark Skin-Wavelength 550-650 nm-Spot size 3 cm²

Dimensions: 45 x 19 x 56 cm (H x L x W)

Weight 40 kg

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Alma Beauty Rejuve MachineAlma Beauty Rejuve Machine
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